VIM like Navigation on a Web Page

Most of us who use VIM for their day to day editing tasks, I can bet, really love its key bindings, especially, character navigation keys i.e., h, j, k, l. Then, wouldn’t it be a cool idea to allow your users to use j and k keys to scroll down and up your page? After all, you can see it in action on the Facebook itself.

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Introducing Hydejack

Hydejack is a pretentious two-column Jekyll theme, stolen by @qwtel from Hyde. You could say it was.. hydejacked.

NOTE: This post is outdated and only included for legacy reasons. See the Documentation for up-to-date instructions.


Unlike Hyde, it’s very opinionated about how you are going to use it.

Features include:

  • Touch-enabled sidebar / drawer for mobile, including fallback when JS is disabled.
  • Github Pages compatible tag support based on this post.
  • Customizable link color and sidebar image, per-site, per-tag and per-post.
  • Optional author section at the bottom of each post.
  • Optional comment section powered by Disqus.
  • Layout for posts grouped by year
  • Wide array of social media icons on sidebar.
  • Math blocks via KaTeX.

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