Making a Calendar in React.js with CSS Grid

Hey there! It’s been a long time since I wrote something 🙄. So, I thought to start writing about something I’ve been up to for 2 months now, Learning CSS!!. Yep, I suck at CSS and I tried to learn it finally. After learning some of the cool features of CSS like Flexbox and Grid, I wanted to try them on a real project. So, I came up with the idea of creating a simple Calendar in React.js that’s laid down using CSS Grid as you can see below.

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Scratch files in JetBrains WebStorm

As a JavaScript (ECMAScript) developers we usually try to run a complex piece of code in browser console before writing it directly into the project. The reason may be anything, but for me it’s like to save time that goes into executing the full project cycle, just to check what I wrote is working without any problem.

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Forms in React.js

React.js has been a breakthrough since its first launch in March 2013. It has drastically changed how people build User Interfaces. It’s just amazing to see how quickly you can build a sophisticated UI without the hassle of jQuery and much of the heavy DOM manipulations (though, you need DOM manipulation a little bit sometimes).

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